About Rolling for Autism

Autism is never a funny thing.

The way that they are portrayed in movies is just plain disgusting. We should take care of these people who are affected by this defect.

Here at Rolling For Autism, we aim to educate everybody on what exactly ‘Autism’ is. Most people have a false sense of knowledge in this topic.

No wonder they ridicule Autistic people on Hollywood Movies.

Everybody needs to be aware of this issue. With the rising populations, of course, the number of people with Autism rises too.

Instead of pity, you should give care for them. Help them out.

There are numerous charity groups that helps people living with Autism and we should support them.

This site aims to provide you all the latest resources that you need to take care of Autistic people.

Stay tuned for our latest Autism articles to increase your knowledge about the sensitive topic.