Please be Patient. I Have Autism

Autism is an intellectual disorder acquired right from the infant stage whereby the patient faces challenges in interacting with others in the society more especially through communication. This disorder is characterized by the patient having a distinct perception on how they view the world as they bear a different visual, auditory and kinesthetic.

This is a disorder whose symptoms can be evidently seen from the patient’s lifestyle through their social interaction with others and they include:

  •  They experience difficulty in talking with others through sharing of their ideas and thoughts as they keep much to themselves. The patients can rarely involve themselves in discussions with others.
  • The patients bear peculiar habits in their lifestyle by undertaking unusual behaviors.
  •  For the children suffering from this disorder, they face major challenge in their learning process as they hardly concentrate on their studies whereas for the adults hardly stick unto one occupation.
  • At a very mild stage the patients completely distance themselves from others and when approached, they avoid eye to eye contact and rarely take part in any conversation.

AutismPeople living with thus disorder need ultimate attention and care in their day to day lives as they require assistance and supervision in their duties. An example of Bob, a middle age patient who lives with his parents and receives assistance from them and his siblings since he is used to that environment and can relate well with everything around him.

If the person suffering from this disorder has a challenge in living a free life by themselves, they are recommended to join homes for people with autism whereby people with this similar disorder live together in one large home forming a family where they are mentored and supervised. Through these homes the adult patients are instilled with values on how to do things on their own for example cooking by themselves and personal cleanliness. In these homes, they are entitled to separate spaces under one roof.

People having this disorder should be given utmost attention and assistance in coping with it. They should not be segregated as their disorder is not passive. An autism victim should seek frequent counseling to avoid stress which might spark their strange behaviors. Proper health and dental care is still valuable for them as it is to us.



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